What is special playtime? This is time for you to build a nurturing, strong relationship with your child and focus on their good behaviors. This time can be used to practice describing, imitating, and praising your child's behavior, as well as actively listening. In everyday situations, this will get easier the more you practice it.

As sweet as some children can be, in the time it takes to turn around, they can become bullies, destructive, and defiant. Disciplinary methods vary, and many have no effect. Through "special playtime" however, some children are actually learning what it's like to deal with their very own behavior, and which behaviors are desirable!


These are referred to as PRIDE skills in many therapy lessons which describe and teach about special playtime. These skills are essential for this type of play/learning.

To begin these sessions with your child, for your special playtime, set at least five minutes aside each day. Using your PRIDE skills will take a lot of focus and energy at first, so five minutes is about all you may be able to take. As your skill level improves, you can increase special playtime sessions. As an example, to build a better positive relationship with your child, spend some time watching their favorite show or cuddling before bed.

Here are more tips for special playtime:

  • Practice consistency.
  • During special play activity, let your child take the lead.
  • When you notice good behavior in your child, praise
  • Imitate the behavior of your child (mimic or copy things they say or do).
  • When your child is playing, describe to them what they're doing. Think of a sports commentator or a reporter.
  • Be as enthusiastic as possible.
  • Reflect on your child's emotions and words.
  • During playtime, questions should be limited. Throughout the day, children are asked many questions. Let them get a break from that.
  • During special playtime, directions should be limited. Try not to tell them what to do. This takes the lead away from your child.
  • During this time, criticisms should be severely limited. You’re encouraging here, remember? Not criticizing.

Finally, while special playtime is in progress, as much as possible, minor misbehaviors should be ignored. Only stop their behavior immediately if something destructive or dangerous is being done. Remember that a behavior may possibly happen more often if it is given attention. You may decrease the chance that it will happen again if, after misbehaviors, you strongly limit the attention you give them/it or ignore it altogether (if appropriate).


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