Play is essential for both toddlers and school-age children. Each child needs a lot of opportunities to play with an array of quality toys. This way, kids can put their imagination to good use. In addition, parents should spend time with their kids by guiding them on how to play with certain toys. This process helps parents and children to build a bond that lasts forever and understand the uniqueness of their kids. At KidPowered, you can find a wide variety of children toys, including:


These toys are great for early development as they expose kids to the concept of role-playing. This kind of play allows them to see things from different perspectives and gradually understand how people interact with each other. Today, police toys come in the form of cars and figurines. In most cases, children are fascinated with vehicle toys due to their simplicity. Kids can move police car toys via a push and pull motion of their arms and hands. When children do this motion, they naturally develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. This is one of the reasons why parents should let their kids grab or hold toys at an early age. Moving and grasping police vehicles and figurines enable kids to develop and practice skills that are necessary to button a shirt, tie shoelaces, and more.


Construction toys offer open-end opportunities for children to create and design imaginative structures and foster spatial reasoning. These toys expose young children to modular and abstract concepts, present ‘what if’ questions, and let them know that it is fine to continually modify their own representations. When it comes to construction toys, a child’s imagination is the limit. These toys enable kids to design and create whatever they can think of and determine the best method to actualize their ideas.Children begin to understand what will work and what will not in their structure’s mechanics, through constructive play. When kids run into structural inadequacies while erecting their design with building blocks, they develop the ability to identify causes of problems and the desire to solve them.


Young kids are instinctively drawn to dinosaurs because of their unique (and fierce) appearances, the sounds they vocalize, and more. These Jurassic passions come with positive benefits, especially during play. These toys can spur your child’s curiosity and make them question why certain dinosaurs have powerful limbs, scaly bodies, huge claws, sharp teeth, etc. Some kids may find these qualities slightly frightening, but the ability to confront and come to terms with something scary in a safe environment helps them build the minerals that are necessary to deal with other scary things later in life. Consider adding dinosaur toys to your child’s collection. You can teach them how these prehistoric species came to be, adapted, survived, and disappeared.

If you are looking to get more toys that can help with the intellectual and emotional development of your child, feel free to browse through KidPowered’s inventory today.