A majority of parents buy toys for their children to keep them entertained and occupied. Little do we know that some toys are actually beneficial for a child’s psychological development as well. Let us take a look at some ways in which toys can promote a child’s psychological growth.


Toys like building blocks help children build on their problem-solving skills. Finding different ways of matching different shapes and sizes of blocks can aid a child’s cognitive development as well as their fine motor skills.


The age-old game of playing dress-up is a great avenue for children to have fun while building on their creative skills. During the game of dress-up, children can explore their creativity without limits. They can choose their most preferred character and role according to their individual interests.


The dress-up game also allows children to apply what they learn in real life into their game. For those who are playing the role of a parent, they will put what they see and hear into action. From feeding a toy doll to dressing it for school, children pick up new skills quickly and work on them to be better in time.



Some children treat dolls like their own friends. Conversing with their dolls do not make them weird, but instead the experience allows them to develop their conversational skills. Without the presence of anyone else, children become more comfortable and will have a high tendency of projecting their inner thoughts.