One crucial element regarding your child's development is learning through play. More often than not, extra energy can be released when your child plays with toys. During infancy, your child discovers who they are through play. Simply by taking in their surroundings and looking at their environment, a child's mind begins expanding, even early in development. The importance of toys must never be overlooked.

To learn the various skills required throughout their lives, the use of educational toys can be of great value to children. They’re learning while they play, and they don't even realize it! Educational toys can be effective in learning about cause and effect, teaching kids about conflict and resolution, and assist in developing problem-solving skills.

In fact, children benefit from educational toys starting as early as one month old. Here are some great educational toy ideas based on age range.


Once your child reaches this age, It's time to promote physical play. Always remember safety first, however, with certain toys. Roller-skates, skateboards, tricycles, and more require the use of pads and/or helmets. Toys that incorporate cognitive skill-building should also be introduced at this age. Whether they're writing their names or drawing, numerous toys can help children practice writing and develop their small motor skills. Books and games can also help your child develop emergent literacy skills and name recognition.

Cognitive skills and physical play should be promoted through the toys your child plays with. Some of the toys that can be introduced by age 2 and beyond include the following:

  • Counting toys
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • Books, games, "See and Say”
  • Drawing easel
  • Kinetic sand
  • Bowling sets
  • T-ball stands
  • Basketball hoops
  • Tricycles


Children become very mobile as they reach their first year and beyond. Along with this newfound mobility, your child's curiosity will increase. Teach them coordination and balance by introducing the right toys to them. Even though they may not fully grasp it, teach them to count steps as they learn to walk.

From 12 months to 18 months old, children should be introduced to themed playsets to develop recognition skills. As an example, talk about each noise that an animal makes by using a playset that involves animals.

Toys that can be incorporated into the day of a one-year-old to two-year-olds are as follows:

  • Themed books
  • Themed toys
  • Walkers
  • Sit and ride toys
  • Push cars


Your child's senses are stimulated by sensory play, even at an early age. Introduce toys that promote interaction as your child develops hand/eye coordination and grows. Problem-solving toys can be introduced as your child becomes more active.

For baby's first year, consider the following toys:

  • Dance mats that light up and have sound
  • Learning centers in which the baby can crawl around
  • Blocks or stackers
  • Small portable toys with sounds and lights
  • Infant play
  • Soothers
  • Mobiles

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