Before the article begins, we would like to inform everyone that we are not suggesting that readers purchase every toy in the store (although your kids may choose to disagree with this). We are, however, going to explore why it’s healthy for children to play with a wide range of toys.

A variety of toys should be played with by kids of all ages. Naturally, your child will likely have one or two absolute favorites that they constantly return to. They may even carry one around with them on a continuous basis and sleep with it, if possible. There are plenty of toys that help a child develop in various ways should be offered. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether they play with them at school, in daycare, at a friend’s house, or at home. If they have access to a variety of toys, it can benefit them creatively as they grow up.

Here are our top three reasons why children should play with a wide variety of toys:


When looking at the toys your child will be playing with, don't forget to be open-minded. Toy trucks and blocks are okay for girls just as dollhouses are okay – and appropriate – for boys. That may go against the grain for some people, but in today's world, it's important to remember. No matter which toy or activity is used, play should be open to all. Be prepared to offer different possibilities for your children's choices in play. As long as they are developmentally appropriate for your kids, try not to think of toys as being gender-specific.

Note: Under the age of five, most toys are considered gender-neutral.


Kitchens, dollhouses, and other such toys can assist children in not only using their imaginations but developing language, emotional, and social skills. Toys like this encourage children to learn about real-life situations and interact with others. Your child may wish to join you in kitchen activities after they've played with their toy kitchen for a while. A child may have a better understanding of real-life babies if they play with dolls when they are young. Sharing and cooperative play are developed by playing with toys that are interactive in nature.

To encourage a child's imagination and open brand-new worlds to them, encourage activities such as dress-up.


Playing with items such as toy cars, balls, and blocks can lead to an increase in social, language, and motor skills. Blocks are a favorite of many children. To create a grocery store, garage, or castle, they can use their imagination. A pretend trip to the ocean can be initiated through playing with cars. Delivering goodies to other parts of the world, children may choose to play with big rigs or airplanes.

The whole point is to encourage your child to use their imagination through play. As long as a toy is age-appropriate (for your specific child) and safe, let them play with the toys they prefer. Help them increase their sense of self and creativity while encouraging them to grow.


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