For your child, unlimited fun can be enjoyed by playing with manipulatives, toy cars, blocks, etc. Fine motor skills are developed, and they are extremely entertaining for your child. But it can be a real chore to clean them up. It takes time, patience, and concentration to catch all the loose pieces.

Is there a way to effectively organize small toys? Here, we will offer some solutions to that dilemma. We’ll introduce storage solutions and ways in which you can benefit from them.


Without even knowing it, you have good storage containers located throughout your home. Let's take a look at some of them and what they can be used for as it applies to small toys and parts.

Plastic Molds – We are talking about those colorful little plastic molds used for freezing juice pops. You may have one in your house already. There are usually eight compartments – one for each frozen juice pop. This can be used in your art corner for displaying and sorting materials (i.e., popsicle sticks, markers, crayons, scissors, paintbrushes, etc.). It can be used as nothing more than a pencil caddy to effectively organize different shades of colored pencils and associated accessories (i.e., scissors, pens, markers, glue stick, etc.).

Divided Trays – Here we are referring to either meal plates with divided sections or appetizer/relish dishes with, again, divided sections. At the grocery store, you may be able to find these in the produce section. For small group activities, these can be used to sort displays (arts and crafts items).

Empty Boxes from Tissue – These are great for storing manipulatives or small game pieces. Collect a number of them so that they can be lined up next to each other on a shelf, either all the same size or in graduating sizes. For use, you will cut the top off the box. You can use wrapping paper or plain paper with drawings to decorate the outside of the box. This, in itself, is a good arts and crafts project.

Decorative Boxes – Sturdy boxes that are already decorated, or which can be wrapped or colored, are perfect for small parts. Flimsy boxes will break down sooner and may not store heavier toys. One example is a box that contained holiday napkins. It is pretty, festive, and sturdy.

Coffee Cans – Again, the sides of the cans can be covered with wrapping paper or plain paper and then decorated by hand (as an arts and crafts activity). Don't drink coffee? Nesquik Chocolate Powder Drink Mix plastic containers, either the 1.16 pounds or the 2.21 pounds, work great as well. Label them per toy type: toy cars, puppets, blocks, action figures, action figure accessories, etc.

Plastic Produce Baskets - From the playroom and onto the shelf, these can be conveniently carried courtesy of their handles. They are great for toy cars, blocks, and more.


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