Are you thinking of buying kid toys that can effectively contribute to the learning and benefit of your kids? While attempting to execute your project, you will likely make some of your decisions based upon whether the objects in question are passive toys or active play toys.

Toys which entertain and light up, for example, are considered active play toys. Objects that really engage your child and make them think are passive toys. They don't actually "do" anything.


Here's an extended explanation: Windup toys, mobiles, etc., are entertaining toys. A passive child can take an active toy and simply watch it. In contrast, passive toys, only if a child activates them, will respond. Passive objects are manipulated by an active child.

Are there benefits from taking entertaining active toys and removing them, possibly altogether, from a home? Should you choose to make such a drastic decision, are there alternatives with which they can be replaced?


As an example, let's look at two different walkers.

A popular "Lion Walker" allows the child to have fun pushing it around. Aside from that, however, it doesn't do much. It does have song buttons that, when pressed, can drive a parent crazy.

On the other hand, a wooden push toy/activity cart not only encourages a child to walk, but has a mix-and-match giraffe, gears for the child to play with, and more. It encourages activity as well as physical dexterity.


These are exceptional toys that can keep your baby busy for hours. Though the toddler versions may not encourage much imaginative play, as a passive toy, to your home atmosphere, they can be a lovely addition. One in particular, a piano mat that plays when it is kicked, is fun for both parent and baby.


Though your child can learn and laugh with some of these talking toys, if it begins speaking when you're home alone, it may leave you rethinking your purchase. Overall, however, these are merely an okay option. Allowing numerous open play opportunities, a good old-fashioned stuffed animal might do just as well – without any unexpected alarming responses for a home alone parent!


Depending on the child, tablets may be difficult to navigate and promote drama when they experience technical difficulties. Drawing boards, on the other hand, can assist with fine motor skills (when drawing pictures), learning letters, counting, and more. Some have accessories called "imagination magnets" to help the operator draw.


Allowing for the imagination of a child to be the only true limit, action figures and the playsets that sometimes accompany them are a great way for children to develop their creativity. They can pretend to be a princess, a dinosaur, a farmer, a veterinarian, an emergency medical professional, a cow, horse – the possibilities are endless.

Whether based in reality or fantasy, the child determines the level of activity and the seriousness of their backstory. They may sit in one place and cure all the neighborhoods’ pets of an illness as a veterinarian. On the other hand, they may push tractors around as a farmer, or construction equipment as a highway worker. They may choose to play several roles at a time when they go on a road trip with a playset involving multiple family members. Imagine the diversity this would encourage!


Kidpowered has all of the occupations, professionals, playsets, etc. just mentioned above. Review our impressive selection online, at your leisure, and see just how far your child's imagination can take them with our toys.