Children develop the different skills they need in life in many different ways. Listening to their parents, watching their siblings grow, observing nature, and playing pretend are some of the ways which contribute toward how children learn and develop.

Children see playtime as so much more than just fun and games. Playtime is where children get to explore and experiment with things in a safe environment. Playtime is highly productive when children are given toys and equipment that are appropriate for their level of development.


There are several toy options in the market today that help contribute toward a child’s development of talents, language skills, social skills, intellectual capacity, emotional strength, creativity, and self-discipline. Below are some of the most common choices:


Children love playing games, whether it is in the form of a traditional board game, a puzzle, or an interactive digital game. Though some parents may avoid allowing too much screen time for their children, there are actually plenty of educational games easily available online. Electronics do help in providing an educational platform where children can interact and learn several activities in a fun way. They do not even require physical toys that may take up too much space or cause a mess.


Have you ever witnessed your child getting attached to a soft toy before and carrying it around everywhere they go? Children can grow fond of their soft toys which is actually a highly beneficial act. They can be taught on several aspects that are important for them to learn as they grow up. Children can pick up on emotional skills and learn how to react over different situations. They are also able to learn language as well as relationship skills when they communicate with their soft toys.

Puppets work slightly differently from soft toys. They are great for children to learn how to express their feelings or role play through the use of a puppet. This is a great practice that is often used during therapy sessions. In a home setting, children can make use of puppets to recreate their favorite scenarios or stories that they heard or read about.


When children get to play with dolls, they get to play pretend. This activity encourages the learning of various skills which may include learning how to get dressed, doing up buttons and zippers, and brushing hair. On the other hand, action figures teach children to get creative when they get to act out certain roles or scenes with the company of their favorite characters. This process in turn helps children brush up on their creativity and imagination.

There is a wide variety of toys that falls under these different categories mentioned above. By preparing age-appropriate toys for your children, you are not only keeping them occupied during playtime, but you are also encouraging their physical development. Different toys help support different skills and each of these categories play an important role each.