It is not easy to define toys that are appropriate for specific groups of age as many toy options offer purposes that are usually quite general. However, for younger children, providing for them toy options that are appropriate is really critical to allow them to have fun while developing on various skills that are necessary for their day-to-day life.


Younger children require toys that help develop their basics of learning while building on their motor skills. They also need toys that help encourage their imagination as well as creativity. Toddlers at the age of 2 to 4 years old are just beginning to finetune the things that they like and dislike. These options can help them explore more on their interests when they are playing while learning. They can become engaged and occupied by almost every toy option including dolls, soft toys, push cars, play dough, automobile, and many more.


This age group stretches from 5 to 10 years of age. It usually comprises of children who love action, experiments, DIYs, animals, plants, and more. They need to be given toy options that let them explore and experiment with different fun and interesting subject matters that are only explained through texts in class. Graphics alone may seem slightly dull to them to successfully peak on their interests. For this target group of children, toys that allow them to interact with friends are highly recommended. Such toys include building sets, jewelry-making kits, crime and adventure sets, and plenty more.

Below are some of the options which are much more general and can cater to a broader target group of children:


Building blocks come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. For the younger kids, the blocks are often sold in bigger sizes so as to encourage hand-eye coordination. For the older children, more intricate models that are tougher to put together are available. Not only will they get to develop their imagination, they will also be served with a challenge to be able to come up with interesting structures.


Fun costumes can cater to both young and older children depending on the characters that they wish to portray. By getting them costumes, children get to role play their favorite characters and carry out their roles with so much enthusiasm to live up to their individual characteristics.


Art supplies are almost universal as children of any age can continue to enjoy them. For younger children, ensure that they are supervised at all times if small parts are involved. Paints and crayons also need to be non-toxic to create a safe and fun learning environment for them.


Every family is bound to enjoy a good old board game where family bonding can take place while everyone is having fun. Any genre of board games is suitable but depending on the age of the children present, certain challenging board games may be too overwhelming for them to fully understand their rules and instructions.

Regardless of the option that you have selected, be sure to participate together with your children in the activity. The more people there are, the more interactive the game becomes and the more fun it will bring.