Deciding what toy to buy for a boy is not as simple as getting him building blocks or toy guns. It needs to be more than just getting something that is purely for entertainment purpose alone. You need to make it a point to buy a toy that is equally stimulating as it is entertaining for the child. Below are some ideas which are great for boys.


If your child has not had the chance to ride his own bicycle yet, buying him his first bike will be perfect to create a memorable experience for him. For boys within the ages of 3 to 5 years old, a bicycle with a pair of sturdy training wheels and handlebar is highly recommended. Not only will your child love his gift, he will also get to bond with you when you teach him how to ride.


The NHL© ARENA consists of a play set with 2 ice hockey players and 2 ice hockey goalkeepers. It is suitable for boys aged 4 and up. The set aims to build on a child’s strategical and coordination skills which are required when competing against another.


The horse farm set offers an extensive collection of figurines, accessories and other amenities associated with running a horse farm. Your child can role play the character of a farmer and learn about the different animals and amenities within a farm setting. In addition to toy horses, other smaller animal figurines like cats, birds, and squirrels are also included to provide a more fun environment to learn and play.