The Story of Doozy Dice

The Story of Doozy Dice

It was 2020 in the 425
Covid in the air
Man, it was everywhere
People stuck at home
Doing stuff alone
Too many screens
You know what I mean

So I sat myself down
And we took a look around
Nothing new and cool to be found
It was time to break new ground!

Now Doozy is just a name
That late one night came
That got stuck inside my brain
So we put it in a game

Not looking for fame
It's just a great game night game!
Not to play it
Well that would be a shame

Stay Doozy I exclaim!!

Many people ask us about how we came up with the idea for Doozy Dice. These are the words that my dad wrote to describe the journey of the creation of Doozy Dice. To truly understand it, however, we must return to where—and when—it all began.

Most people had high hopes for 2020, claiming that it would be their year, kicking off the new decade with a bang, and then the entire world ground to a halt. Like other families, we were trapped in our house, glued to our phone screens as a distraction from boredom and fear. As the gap between us and the outside world grew, so did the separation from each other as we spent more and more time cooped up in our rooms. Yet even a pandemic could not eliminate one tradition: game night. Every night after dinner, we gathered around the game cabinet, carefully choosing from a storied cast of diverse games. The beauty of these games was that they were familiar, a beacon of normalcy in a world that seemed to be tearing apart at the seams, but it didn’t take long to realize that there was an empty place in the game cabinet—a Doozy-shaped place.

After a "rousing" round of Yahtzee, an idea started to form in my dad’s mind, and we haven’t looked back ever since. After that epiphany, the rules gradually began falling into place, undergoing trial and revision over and over again to provide the amazing experience we know and love today. The one thing that didn’t change, however, was the simplest desire in the world: to have fun. What started as a distraction from the bleakness and negativity of the world snowballed into an entire mode of living, one in which having fun with loved ones is just as important as working hard to support yourself. From this philosophy, our motto "Stay Doozy" sprang to life, constantly encouraging us to create lighthearted, enjoyable moments with loved ones. Just like Mr. Doozy, with his silly face and his jaunty green hat askew, we believe that going through our days with a healthy dose of humor and an abundance of joy is the surefire formula for happiness.

Gabi Stone 2022

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