Chances are, your child has a set of figures amongst their toy collection. Whether they are dolls, fairies, knights or animals, playing with figures come with many benefits for children that extend beyond keeping them occupied while you are busy! For one thing, figures have a timeless appeal and can be played with for years to come – they are not something children play with once and discard. This is simply because children can keep coming up with new stories and scenarios to put their characters in, unlike some other toys. Read on to find out some more benefits children can reap when playing with figures.


You may have heard your child speaking for some of their figures while they work out a story for them in their heads. As the parent or teacher, sweet, nurturing lines may have come out of their mouths. That is no small feat for a child: who do you think they get these lines from? That’s right: you. The way you speak to your child is their model for how parents are supposed to act, and by incorporating that into a story with a beginning, middle and end, your child gets the chance to work on their storytelling and language skills.


When you get families of figures, it’s inevitable that your child will start to imagine and act out scenarios in a family setting. In fact, child therapists often encourage children to play with figures during sessions as it can reveal a lot about how they perceive family dynamics and their relationship with their parents. Sometimes, you may not realize it, but your child can interpret something you said differently from how you meant it to sound. Pushing their figures into scenarios where they need to handle conflicts or become independent can help children navigate the complex world of social relationships, which will aid their emotional development and serve them well in later life.


One thing we can all agree on, the figures section of any toy shop is always crowded with children. Why is that so? Figures have a timeless appeal, being popular with any age range, from younger children right up to tweens. Encouraging imaginative play, there is no limit to the number of wacky situations your child can put their figures into. You can trust that these toys will be played with time and again.


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