Toys are objects children use while exploring the world around them, role-playing, educating themselves, and learning how to express their feelings. The use of educational toys will help children to develop a wide variety of important skills they will need in life. If you are interested in getting children toys from well-known brands such as PLAYMOBIL® and Bruder Toys, this is the right place. At KidPowered, we have a wide range of different children toys in Virginia and the surrounding places. Check out our Land Rover Defender pickups, Burnham Raiders dragon training toys, etc. today!


Learning through play allows children to develop their imagination, creativity, and cognitive, physical, and emotional strength. It is important for the brain to develop in a healthy manner. Through playing with toys, children at a young age get to interact and engage with the world they are living in. It allows children to design and explore the world and conquer their fears. Playing with toys will also teach children how to share, negotiate, work well with others, and resolve conflicts. They get to develop important competencies that will boost confidence and resilience in the long term. As play is usually child driven, it is a great platform for young children to discover more about themselves, strengthen their decision-making skills, and progress at a pace that is comfortable for them. 


  • Active Play Toys in Virginia: Active play tools help children to develop important muscle skills. They also serve as great outlets that encourage cooperation, sharing, imaginative play, and other important social skills. 
  • Arts and Craft Toys in Virginia: Arts and craft toys are designed to boost the creative potential of children. 
  • Board Games and Card Games in Virginia: Board and card games are a great way for young children to foster patience and enhance brain function. 
  • Building and Construction Toys in Virginia: To click specific construction toy parts into the right places, fine motor control is essential. As building and construction toys usually involve more movement, children get to practice their visual skills and motor strength through play. 
  • Early Learning Toys in Virginia: Early education toys encourage interaction, creativity, and imagination. It gives children the freedom to create fantasy worlds, have control, and practice their motor skills. 
  • Outdoor Toys in Virginia: Outdoor play time is an important aspect of child development. As children engage in more physical play and activity, they will grow to be healthy and active individuals. It also enhances their physical and mental stability. 
  • History and Geography Toys in Virginia: These educational toys make learning more interesting and engaging for children. It encourages curiosity and allows children to learn more about places, people, historic events, and inventions. 
  • Imaginative Toys in Virginia: Role playing with imaginative toys are a great way for children to design and explore fantasy worlds where anything is possible and understand the different behaviors appropriate in various situations. 


Retail toys at KidPowered are designed to be safe for children and made to last. When you shop with us, you will enjoy free shipping on all U.S. orders. 

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