Toys have a major role in laying the foundation of your child’s development. When you make wise decisions about the toys your children play with, it can help improve their creativity and increase their attention span. If you intend to purchase toys from well-known and reputable brands including Bruder Toys, look no further than KidPowered. Our company offers a wide selection of children toys in Maryland and the surrounding areas. Our wide range of toys include Burnham Raiders dragon training toys and more. Check them out today!


Play time is a great way to engage children and boost their development. Picking the right educational toys can help children learn more about themselves and the world around them. It can also help them release excess energy at the same time. At a young age, children’s minds are constantly growing and taking in the world around them. As a parent, you can introduce them to themed playsets and toys if your child is between 12 and 18 months old. Exposing them to such toys during their developmental stages can help enhance recognition skills. When you expose them to themed playsets like animals, they will be able to better pick up what an animal is and what colors they are. Playing with kids’ toys can also improve coordination, and help the child become more creative and confident.


  • Active Play Toys in Maryland: While playing with active toys, children will be able to burn extra energy as they develop important motor and muscle skills. These toys help children grow in creativity and teaches them social skills like cooperation, sharing and communication.
  • Arts and Craft Toys in Maryland: Arts and craft toys allow children to leverage their creativity and helps them build ideas when they create models. It can also improve fine-finger control.
  • Board Games and Card Games in Maryland: Board games and card games help to teach children strategic thinking, thus building the functionality of the brain. It also teaches them to be patient and allows them to understand the importance of setting goals.
  • Building and Construction Toys in Maryland: Building and constructing toys require children to learn to piece certain toy components in place together. It also allows them to explore ways they can manipulate and move certain toy pieces. This improves their planning, visual skills, and motor strength.
  • Early Learning Toys in Maryland: Exposure to early learning toys helps foster imagination and creativity and teaches children to interact with each other. It also teaches children how to take charge and improves their motor skills.
  • Outdoor Toys in Maryland: Outdoor toys are an engaging way to encourage children to spend more time outdoors. This helps to build physical strength and mental stability, contributing to the healthy development of a child.
  • History and Geography Toys in Maryland: These toys encourage children to learn more about people and places through exposing them to such topics at a young age.
  • Imaginative Toys in Maryland: Imaginative toys help children to create fantasy worlds, stretching their potential in creating scenarios. This is helpful as they can learn more about what types of behaviors are appropriate in certain situations.


KidPowered prides ourselves in providing good quality, durable, and safe toys for young children. Apart from our competitive prices, we also offer free shipping for all orders in the U.S.

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