Toys are designed to help children enhance their skills while having fun! The benefits and motives for purchasing toys for your kids are endless. While providing a great source of fun and learning, toys can not only be enjoyed by children but with other family members as well. While introducing your child to various aspects of playing, understanding, seeing, and experiencing certain playthings, he or she will come across a variety of challenges that will require them to think out of the box. At KidPowered, we have toys that are perfect for different age groups. Browse from our vast selection of quality toys online without stepping out of your home!


Fun and educational toys are designed to increase a child’s interest, knowledge, retention power, coordination skills, social interactions, and more. Furthermore, educational toys can also promote the creative skills of the kids while providing a variety of learning obstacles for every child. These toys are typically manufactured according to age groups and catch a child’s attention, promoting the desire to continue playing with the toys and finishing them. Through gifting fun and educational toys, experiences are constantly being built. These experiences can offer children in developing their personalities and satisfying their curiosity about the world of learning toys.


  • Active Play Toys in Illinois: Active play toys can help kids stay active, strengthen their bones, muscles, and promote their gross motor skills. 
  • Arts and Craft Toys in Illinois: Arts and crafts toys can inspire kids of all skill levels and ages to express themselves through imagination and allow them to create their masterpieces.
  • Board Games and Card Games in Illinois: During a board or a card game, kids may be required to read instructions, game cards, or understand the board game thoroughly before playing. Such processes will encourage a child’s cognitive skills such as understanding the rules and creating a strategy to resolve a problem.
  • Building and Construction Toys in Illinois: Building and constructive play toys play an essential role in the development of cognitive and behavioral skills of children. These toys have become a crucial element for learning during early childhood education.
  • Early Learning Toys in Illinois: Early learning toys such as educational toys can develop and enhance a child’s fine motor skills.
  • Outdoor Toys in Illinois: Outdoor toys allow better communication during playtime as they typically involve 2 or more kids. This in turn will help to reduce the chances of low self-confidence of a child.
  • History and Geography Toys in Illinois: History and geography toys are unique playthings that can teach children valuable science and history skills.
  • Imaginative Toys in Illinois:  Imaginative play with toys can help to boost the development of problem-solving and self-regulation skills in children. Such toys will encourage children to play with peers, often creating situations in which not everyone gets what they want and learning how to resolve such issues.


If you are looking to keep your kids entertained indoors or have fun outdoors, KidPowered is here to offer you some of the best and unique kid’s toys in Illinois. Whether you are in the market for developing your child’s motor skills, improving their self-confidence, or promote their social skills, we have toys that are perfect for all age groups.

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