Toys actually play a significant role in your child’s development, and subsequently, their future. Playing with the right toys can help them develop creativity and increase their attention span. If you are considering getting toys from recognized brands for your children, KidPowered has got you covered. Our company has a wide collection of kids’ toys in Delaware for you to choose from. Visit us and check out the toys we have today!


Through playing, learning can take place. This is an engaging way to aid a child’s development. During play time, educational toys allow children to discover and learn more about themselves. During the development stage, their young curious minds are always working to try and understand what is going on around them. For children between 12 and 18 months, you can choose to expose them to themed playsets and toys. This can help improve their recognition skills. For instance, by introducing them to animal themed toys, they will be better able to recognize shapes and colors of animals. The right toys can also help to improve coordination, boost creativity, and build confidence through exposure to these toys.


  • Active Play Toys in Delaware: While playing with active play toys, children can burn energy and develop motor and muscle skills at the same time. These toys also encourage children to be creative, cooperative, and learn to share with others, thus developing social skills.
  • Arts and Craft Toys in Delaware: Through arts and craft toys, children are able to improve control of their fine-finger skills, while boosting their creative potential.
  • Board Games and Card Games in Delaware: Board games and card games can help to build brain function like critical thinking and teach kids to set goals and have patience.
  • Building and Construction Toys in Delaware: In order to construct certain toy components, children need to make use of fine motor skills. Building toys can also be moved and manipulated in different ways, thus building their creativity. Through building and constructing toys, young children can enhance their planning skills, motor strength and creativity.
  • Early Learning Toys in Delaware: Allowing kids to take charge of early learning toys helps them develop imagination and creativity, while learning how to interact. It can also help to improve their hands’ and fingers’ dexterity.
  • Outdoor Toys in Delaware: Outdoor toys are a good way to encourage children to spend time outdoors. They can help in building physical strength, stamina, and stability, which are crucial aspects in the development of a child.
  • History and Geography Toys in Delaware: Exposure to history and geography toys can help children to become more curious about the world they live in. This encourages them to find out more about history and places around them.
  • Imaginative Toys in Delaware: Imaginative toys are the best at fostering creativity in children. They allow children to role play and create fantasy worlds. The world becomes their oyster, and their creativity is the limit. 


KidPowered offers toys that are good in quality and safe for children. Apart from our affordable and competitively priced toys, we provide free shipping for all orders within the U.S.

For more information about our kids' toys in Delaware, feel free to contact us today.


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