Learning through playing with toys contributes an important role during a child’s development. While ensuring that children have enough playtime is a great way for children to release some extra energy, kids can also begin to learn more about themselves and others through play. During early development, various toys can expand a child’s curiosity and mind. If you do not have a clue what toys are ideal for your child, look no further than KidPowered. From toddlers to teens, we have all the best toys for every age group that is sure to impress!


Kids are naturally curious, often exploring and seeking to learn new things on their own. With their active exploring nature, children are constantly interested in the environment around them. Parents who are looking to help their kids grow and understand their surroundings can support their learning journey through fun and educational toys. Educational kids’ toys are known to not only satisfy a child’s curiosity but encourage a plethora of kid’s development such as increasing their IQ, motor skills, social interactions, and more. Furthermore, the different designs of educational toys can encourage creativity in most children. With countless benefits and endless fun, feel free to browse our selection of fun and educational toys at KidPowered today! 


  • Active Play Toys in Colorado: With various camps canceled, daycare centers, and playgrounds closed due to the recent pandemic, active play toys offer great opportunities to help children wiggle out their energy!
  • Arts and Craft Toys in Colorado: Whether you are looking to stock up your child’s craft area or spark his or her artistic imagination, KidPowered has you covered with the best art and craft toys and supplies!
  • Board Games and Card Games in Colorado: From improving concentration to encouraging creative development, board games and card games can enrich children with a variety of social and mental skills. 
  • Building and Construction Toys in Colorado: Construction play can make a difference in the way children think and complete certain tasks. Building and construction toys can involve counting bricks, measuring weight, and moving various objects which can encourage a child to think outside the box.
  • Early Learning Toys in Colorado: Early educational toys can certainly bring something new to the table for kids. With their scientific, attractive, and often engaging construction, these toys can add a little spark to light up a child’s surroundings.
  • Outdoor Toys in Colorado: Outdoor play can help keep kids busy and active while boosting their physical stamina and overall fitness for a healthy lifestyle. Playing with outdoor toys can not only offer fun and excitement but also strengthen a child’s muscles and bones.
  • History and Geography Toys in Colorado: History and geography toys can help children get in touch with their surroundings and the past, enhancing their knowledge of rivers, forests, oceans, and people.
  • Imaginative Toys in Colorado:  Imaginative play toys such as figurines, cooking playsets, or costumes can inspire children's imagination and endless creativity. These toys are also great for developing a child’s cognitive, motor, and social skills.


Children require toys to develop their learning basics, strengthen motor skills, improve social interaction, and stimulate their overall senses. Whether you are looking to shop for children's toys that promote imaginative play or improve their fine motor skills, KidPowered has all kinds of toys that are designed for your special little ones. Inspire playful activity and spark creativity with our vast selection of children's toys at KidPowered today!

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