When kids play with toys, their creativity and overall development can increase significantly. The right kids’ toys can encourage the growth of muscle, brain, coordination skills, and more. Furthermore, toys for kids can increase a child’s attention span. Whether you are in the market for Bruder toys or PLAYMOBIL®, KidPowered carries an extensive range of kids’ toys in California and the surrounding areas. Come check out our versatile inventory today!


Playing with toys can encourage learning, offering a great way to boost a child’s development. When children play with educational toys, they are able to have fun while being educated at the same time. Through playtime, children will tend to discover more about themselves and learn about their surroundings. As children are always curious to explore new things, they are constantly interested in things that can educate them. At KidPowered, we carry a wide range of educational toys that can help increase the IQ of your child while satisfying their curiosity altogether.


  • Active Play Toys in California: When playing with active play toys, children are able to develop essential muscle and motor skills. These toys can also allow children to interact and cooperate with other kids and help them burn off excess energy at the same time.
  • Arts and Craft Toys in California: Designed to boost creative potential, art and craft toys can allow children to think uniquely. Furthermore, these toys can help children develop their fine-motor skills.
  • Board Games and Card Games in California: Board games and card games are designed to encourage young players to think more, foster patience, and play smart.
  • Building and Construction Toys in California: As building and construction toys typically come in numerous pieces, they will require patience and thought processes to piece them together. When a child starts playing with building and construction toys, it will improve their motor strength, visual skills, and planning process.
  • Early Learning Toys in California: Early learning toys can help children increase their interaction, imagination, creativity, and motor skills.
  • Outdoor Toys in California: Outdoor toys can encourage children to spend more time outdoors, ensuring a healthy playtime while increasing their physical and mental stability at the same time.
  • History and Geography Toys in California: Fostering curiosity and knowledge, these toys will help children connect with the rest of the world.
  • Imaginative Toys in California: From superheroes to fantasy worlds, imaginative toys can allow children to think out of the box. This unique way of thought process can certainly help children think better in the future.


At KidPowered, our toys are manufactured according to safety guidelines. They are made with durable materials that can last for years to come. Furthermore, we offer competitively priced kids’ toys as well as free shipping on all U.S orders. Wait no further and shop with us at KidPowered today!

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