What can we recall from our childhood or that of our own children? Most often than not, we would picture a kid crawling towards a toy or climbing on an indoor gym. The more we ponder on it, the more physical activity becomes prominent in terms of our childhood memories. This is how we come to derive with the fact that physical activity makes up a significant part of a child’s journey.


Active play is highly essential for children’s physical development. It enables children to pick up skills like hand-foot coordination, proper balance, walking and crawling, and picking up objects. Tons of research have shown the many benefits of living an active lifestyle for ourselves as well as for our children. This directly shows how physically active children are often healthier whereas an inactive child may continue living a sedentary lifestyle as an adult. In addition, physical activity helps children put their energy to good use which is important to support better sleeping habits.


You can maximize the physical activity of your children at home by providing a wide range of basic toys that inspire active playtime. Appropriate toys that support the developmental stage of your children as well as their emerging abilities need to be prepared beforehand. You need to bear in mind certain factors that contribute toward creating a safe play environment. These factors include preparing toys that are painted with lead-free and non-toxic paint, shatter-proof, and can be easily cleaned.


On most occasions, the toys that are suitable for children are the common ones that you already have lying around the house. By catering exactly to the age group of your child, you are promoting active playtime in a safe manner. Let us explore the possible options below:

  • Infants: Large balls, pull and push toys, and soft items.
  • Toddlers: Both small and large balls to promote usage of feet and hands to kick and throw, age-appropriate ride-on toys like push carts and hammering toys.
  • Pre-Schoolers: Sand and water toys, both small and large balls, ride-on toys like tricycles, plastic bats, plastic bowling equipment, and plastic darts.

By providing age-appropriate toys for outdoor use will get your children intrigued to play outside. This encourages active playtime which can support their overall physical development. For pre-schoolers, you can consider play equipment like balance beams, soft mats, rope or swing, playground, and many others which allow your child to explore their capabilities.


Regardless of the types of toys that you prepare, the idea is to get your children up and about to remain active every day. This will set a good active habit in them which they will follow through until adulthood. This healthy lifestyle that involves throwing, catching, kicking, running, and climbing is what makes a child more inclined to have fun in an active manner. Parents are most definitely encouraged to participate in your children’s active playtime to have fun together and take the opportunity to bond.

By inculcating healthy habits at a young age, your child will be more motivated to remain as active to further support their physical development naturally.