When it comes to outdoor play, lots of physical activity is involved and apart from just having fun, children will also learn many things while building up their health and fitness. In recent years, many children today are spending more time indoors playing games using gadgets including television, tablets and game consoles which have proven to bring negative impact on their health and development. Outdoor play, on the other hand, has been highlighted to bring numerous benefits to children as they tend to stay active. With the presence of outdoor toys, outdoor play has been made more fun than ever.


By giving children the opportunity of playing with educational equipment outdoors, they develop their learning abilities. Since birth, children have been proven to learn through play. Playing outdoors is a fun way to help children learn new skills and information as they are exposed to anything and everything outdoors. Through outdoor learning, children are also encouraged to recognize that learning is an ongoing process and not just something done at home or in school, changing their perspective and having a more positive approach towards learning.

Creativity is encouraged when children indulge in outdoor play. There are no boundaries or restrictions and children do not have to play in the confines and constraints of being indoors. Objects around them outside stimulates their imagination and they tend to become more creative in their play. There is a wide variety of outdoor toys that are specially designed to help children boost their creativity while they have fun outside.

With the vast amount of space available outdoor for children to play in, children tend to become more active as they run and roll around the ground as part of their play. When children get active, they burn off the excess energy and calories while building stronger bones and developing their strength and gross motor skills. Getting rid of built-up energy prevents them from fidgeting when they sit for a long period of time, helping them in their concentration levels in school, improve their moods and promote a positive attitude. Basking in the sun will help them absorb vitamin D, which is essential and helps prevent many kinds of illnesses. In addition, they will feel happier and calmer as they enjoy the freedom of playing outdoors.


Providing outdoor adventure toys for your child will strongly encourage them to spend more time outdoors playing and enjoy its benefits. Ditch the television at home and start planning time for your children to go outside and have fun! There are many different kinds of outdoor toys available in the market to suit your child’s preferences. Whether they want to be an explorer or a pirate, we have it all! At Kidpowered, we have a wide variety of outdoor adventure toys available to cater to your child’s needs. Get in touch with us to find out more about the toys that we provide or simply for advice on the best toys for your child to get started on outdoor play!