From babies to school-age children, playing is essential. Kids need lots of play opportunities and a selection of materials and toys that encourage the use of their imagination. When it comes to the world of playtime and playthings, we need to understand and respect it, no matter who the individual is – babies, kids, even adults! In every child's life, toys play an important role. Giving the right toy to a child can give the presenter a wonderful feeling. For both children and adults, it can be extremely rewarding when – among all the many possibilities – the right toy is chosen and given.

You may want to ask yourself some questions when buying your child a toy. The answers you come up with will help you determine their true value.


Ask yourself the following questions and consider the answers carefully before purchasing the next toy for your child:

  • Compare the value received to the price. Do they match?
  • Can you afford this toy?
  • Can the toy be reused and/or cleaned?
  • Will this toy teach your child something? If so, what? Will the toy encourage positive cultural awareness, understanding, values, and self-esteem? Does it offer practice in communication, large and fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, skill-building, and more? Is it educational regarding technology and/or science, history, the world, the community, and/or the environment?
  • Will your child be nurtured in some way by this toy? Will the toy help your child practice social interaction on a positive level, experience concern for others, and express emotions? Does it provide childhood value? Are there any negative aspects to the product such as being sexist, violent, etc.?
  • Does the toy seem to actually be all it's cracked up to be? Has it been overly promoted? Does it match all the hype you’ve seen on advertisements?
  • Will your child be challenged or simply frustrated by the toy? Will they be clear on its use and will you need to assist them with it? Does the toy offer something fresh to try, practice, or learn?
  • Will your child expand their creativity with this toy? The right toy can assist a child in expanding their imagination in drama, movement, music, reading, language, hobbies, crafts, and art.
  • Will the child find the toy engaging and enticing?
  • Is this a durable product? You know how hard kids are on things!
  • Is there more than just one use for this toy? Is it versatile?
  • What about the design of the product? Does it feel good? Look good? Is it easy to use?
  • Check the age appropriateness. Is your child within the age group suggested on the package? Will this toy fit your child's abilities, skills, and hold their interest? Will it make them happy?
  • Does the toy look like it's going to be fun? Will it be entertaining, enjoyable, exciting, delightful, etc. Will your child be able to practice any skills by using it?
  • Is this a safe product? Is it hazardous in any way? Is it non-toxic? Does it have loose ties or sharp edges? Is it too small for your child? Is there a warranty and does it meet consumer product safety standards?

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