Active play encompasses any games or activity involving moderate to vigorous amounts of high energy using the large muscles of the body. As long as exercise and the rising heart rate is involved, it is considered active play. Children begin active play since they are babies and toddlers and it is a type of routine that helps children create lifelong habits in the form of everyday physical activity. Due to the advancement of technology in recent years, children tend to spend more time on video games or television, while spending less time on physical activity. It is difficult to encourage them to strike a balance as technology is very tempting to them, however, here are some reasons to get some active play toys and encourage movement so that they can get some exercise.


In order to develop and grow well, toddlers require constant and vigorous physical activity for a healthy life. Active play helps strengthen muscles, brain, bones and the connections between all of them. Apart from their physical well-being and life-long health, active play is also necessary for their emotional well-being. This prevents children from becoming obese or overweight as they grow older. Obesity is the typical cause for health and mental health problems.


Active play toys designed especially for active play are highly popular options by parents. Such toys include figurines where toddlers can exercise their imagination to move them or narrate them in their stories however they like, or vehicles that they can maneuver all around their play area. In addition, these toys are created to fit in a setting where active play is encouraged such as role-playing as sportsmen and superheroes. By providing such prompts for toddlers, they can be left alone to exercise their creativity and invent their own active play storyline.

Apart for toys specialized for active play, there are also other various toy options for toddlers. The traditional toy blocks can be used, and larger blocks would be even better. With larger blocks, toddlers can construct all sorts of structures and in the meantime experience active play. Building such structures involve reaching, grasping, balancing, squatting and motor planning as toddlers move around the area to build their creations. Alternatively, there are also other games including Crocodile Hop, The Floor is Lava and crawling through tunnels that involve active play.

Ensuring that your children get the most out of active play is something parents are encouraged to do due to the numerous benefits that come with it. Instead of staying hooked on technology, introducing them to toys revolving action play would attract them to do more physical activity which will in turn help them lead a more active and healthier lifestyle. At Kidpowered, we have a wide variety of toys available to cater to your child’s needs in active play. Get in touch with us to find out more about the toys that we provide or simply for advice on the best toys for your child to get started on small world play!